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Teacherville is a pivotal initiative by Educate ME, a nonprofit organization committed to diversifying the teacher workforce. Our vision is to create opportunities for black educators to overcome financial hurdles and achieve the milestone of homeownership.


Diversify the Teacher Workforce:

We aim to create a teaching community that reflects the diversity of our society. By recruiting and retaining black educators, we contribute to a more inclusive and equitable education system.


Empower Through Homeownership:

Teacherville focuses on addressing the specific challenges faced by black educators in their journey to becoming homeowners. We believe that stable housing is a key foundation for professional success and personal well-being.

How Teacherville Works

Identifying Financial Obstacles:

Many black educators struggle with student loan debt, low salaries, and limited access to resources. Teacherville conducts in-depth assessments to understand and address these challenges.


Strategic Partnerships:

We collaborate with affordable housing community organizations, financial institutions, and mortgage companies to create a network of support. This ensures that black educators have access to the resources they need to make homeownership a reality.

Comprehensive Approach

Affordable Housing Solutions:

Through our partnerships, we assist educators in finding affordable housing options. Teacherville is dedicated to making homeownership accessible and achievable.

Down Payment Assistance Programs:

We understand the significance of the down payment hurdle. That's why we work tirelessly to connect black educators with programs that offer down payment assistance.


In transforming the lives of black educators and building a more diverse, empowered, and homeownership-ready teacher workforce.

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