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How does Teacherville support teachers in the home buying process?

Teacherville empowers teachers by providing them with a list of local black real estate agents who specialize in guiding educators through the home buying journey. These agents offer expertise and understanding tailored to the unique needs of teachers.


What financial assistance does Teacherville offer for home purchases?

Teacherville provides closing cost assistance of up to $5,000, easing the financial burden associated with buying a home. Additionally, we assist with the earnest money deposit, making the home buying process more accessible for teachers.


How does Teacherville connect teachers with affordable housing options?

Teacherville collaborates with local community development corporations to offer teachers a range of affordable housing options. These partnerships ensure that educators have access to housing that aligns with their financial goals.


Does Teacherville offer support from financial institutions for first-time homebuyers?

Yes, Teacherville partners with local financial institutions that specialize in first-time home buying programs. These partnerships provide teachers with valuable resources and financial solutions tailored to their unique circumstances.


What educational resources does Teacherville offer for first-time homebuyers?

Teacherville has partnered with INHP (Indianapolis Neighborhood Housing Partnership) to provide first-time home buying education classes. These classes empower teachers with the knowledge and confidence needed to navigate the home buying process successfully.


Does Teacherville cover the cost of inspections or appraisals?

Teacherville does not directly fund third-party companies for inspections or appraisals. However, our initiative aims to connect teachers with affordable resources and services to streamline the home buying process


Are there any restrictions on the use of the purchased property?

Yes, teachers must own and reside in the property they purchase with Teacherville's assistance. The properties are intended for personal residency and are not to be used as investment properties.


Can teachers choose their preferred real estate agent from the provided list?

Yes, teachers have the flexibility to choose a black real estate agent from the list provided by Teacherville. This ensures that educators receive personalized support from professionals who understand their specific needs and challenges.

Teacherville Initiative FAQs

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